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Are you looking for technical jobs? Apply for a job in technical design at Bright Led Solutions, based in The Netherlands. We have over ten years of experience with the design and production of innovative and smart LED solutions for all sorts of companies worldwide. Would you like to join our team of experienced engineers? Become a designer in our team and apply to our job offer in technical design. Would you like to know what our technical jobs entail first? Continue reading and find out more about the technical design of smart LED solutions.

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The various technical jobs we offer

A technical designer who responds to our job offer in technical design should be able to translate a creative design into actual products that meet the needs of the customer and our high standards of quality. Does this sound like something you want to do? Apply to one of our jobs in technical design and strengthen our team of experienced professionals. Does this job description not match your personal skills or ambitions? Feel free to apply to one of our other jobs, such as:

Our requirements for a technical designer

Do you want to apply to one of our jobs in technical design? We are more than happy to take a look at your resume if you have the following characteristics:

  • Able and willing to learn
  • Highly creative and open-minded
  • Willing to contribute to the company by working flexible hours
  • Able to work alone within a close-knit group of engineers
  • In possession of a degree from college or university
  • Experienced in the field of engineering

Do you possess all or some of the aforementioned characteristics? Become a designer and apply to our job offer in technical design. We will happily invite you to a job interview if your resume is appealing to us.

Get in touch with us

Do you want to work for a development engineer in the field of LED solutions, but do you have any questions regarding our jobs in the field of technical design? Feel free to ask any questions you might have as a designer who is interested in our job offer in technical design. You can reach us by calling 0314 71 20 38 or by sending an email to