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Are you looking for optical designer jobs? Bright Led Solutions, based in The Netherlands, has a job offer in optical design that might suit you perfectly. We are an engineering and manufacturing company of smart and innovative LED solutions for a wide variety of companies. Continue reading and find out if our job offer in optical design matches your personal wishes and needs.

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The contents of our optical designer jobs

An optical designer uses specialized computer software to optimize and create LED solutions. The LED solutions are created to solve problems that can be fixed with light. This means that you have to be creative and open-minded to find a solution that works. This goes for our optical designer jobs, but also for our other vacancies, such as:

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone with a college or master’s degree who has experience in the field of engineering to fulfill our job offer in optical design. Knowledge and experience is not all that matters, you should also be willing to work hard and be highly involved within our company. Do you want to learn more about optical design? Apply for our optical designer jobs now and find out if you are the right fit for our company.

Get in touch with us

Would you like to know more about our job offer in optical design, or about our other job offers in engineering? Feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0314 71 20 38 or by sending an email to info@brightledsolutions.com. We hope to hear from you soon.