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Would you like to have a job as a silicone proces operator for an experienced company in the field of LED solutions? Apply for a job at Bright LED Solutions, based in The Netherlands, and join a team of motivated and experienced professionals who are more than happy to teach you the ways. Apply for a job as a silicone proces operator now and help ensure that our production process runs smoothly.

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The tasks of a silicone proces operator

A silicone proces operator supervises and controls the production process of the silicone components of our smart LED solutions. The operator is able to adjust the process accordingly if needed, to make sure the production process always runs smoothly. We are looking for someone with a university or college degree and some experience in the field of engineering. You should also be willing to learn and willing to work alone at flexible hours. Does this sound like something you want to do? Apply to our job as a silicone proces operator or any of our other technical jobs, such as our job offer in engineering.

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